All Things Are Possible For Those Who Believe


  1. You Raise Me Up
  2. Wind Beneath My Wings
  3. The Prayer
  4. Impossible Dream
  5. Wonderful World
  6. Hallelujeh
  7. God Bless The USA
  8. Liberty
  9. I Come Back To You
  10. Heartlight





All Things Are Possible Song List:

  1. You Raise me up
  2. Wind Beneath my Wings
  3. The Prayer
  4. The Impossible Dream
  5. Wonderful World
  6. Hallelujah
  7. God Bless the USA
  8. Liberty
  9. I Come Back to you Again
  10. Heartlight

Thanks to Mikael Healey and his wonderful talent for putting this album together in his studio in Palm Springs Ca. Thanks to my Mom who raised me on all the great singers. To my Dad who I miss so much that I know is smiling down on all the wonderful things that are happening in my life. Grant Garrison who does a great job designing my website and album covers. Special thanks to all my fans whom I love dearly.


Bless you all !



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